Bates Baja 100 dekk. 3.00-21 57T
Bates Baja 100 dekk. 3.00-21 57T
Bates Baja 100 dekk. 3.00-21 57T
Bates Baja 100 dekk. 3.00-21 57T


Bates Baja 100 dekk. 3.00-21 57T

1.650,00 kr

Tøft scrambler dekk. Kan brukes både foran og bak. 3.00-21 57T. Ca 1 ukes leveringstid. 

  • front or rear
  • 3.00-21 57T
  • tubeless
  • fits on rims: 1.60 - 2.15
  • DOT approved, E4 approved
  • Germany
  • gross weight: 4.23 kg


Gravel, rocks and roadkill – here’s a tire that knows no fear. Whistle into town, come back across the fields Steve McQueen style. Do some racing among friends on the neighborhood dirt track. Or what about that camping trip to the other end of the world you’ve been postponing all those years? The new Bates Baja can handle it all.

Here’s a scrambler tire right on the tracks of the legendary Goodyear Grasshopper, capable of doing it all: ample grip on the road with a tread pattern that will get you out of the deepest ruts off the road.

The Bates Baja tire is the product of W&W Cycles with their long experience on diverse gravel, dirt and mud pistas, highways and Autobahns on several continents. We also use it on our daily riders.

A low profile on/offroad tire manufactured to the highest technical standards. Available in 19“ and 16“ sizes that can be freely combined. Perfect for those late model Harley riders who get the urge to find some off road adventure.

The tires are certified by German TÜV for speeds up to 190 kph so your ride is well shod if the next ride turns out to get dirty or Autobahn fast, no matter what.