Øhlins støtdempere til Sportster.


Øhlins støtdempere til Sportster.

7.300,00 kr

XL Sportster 2000-2019 modeller. 2 forskjellige lengder.

Dette er bestillingsvare. Ca 1 ukes leveringstid.

Öhlins is probably the best known name when it comes to motorcycle suspension, particularly in the more recent history. Not only you will find Öhlins forks and shocks in expensive high-end sports bikes, Moto GP race bikes and Endurance racers, they are also becoming more and more popular in Heavy Tour Bikes. The S36 series shock absorbers are developed and suitable as a great upgrade to any Harley-Davidson, so now also you can benefit from the Öhlins performance and comfort. The S36 Twin shocks come in different configurations depending on the bike model they were designed for