EBC bremseskive. Front.


EBC bremseskive. Front.

1.650,00 kr


Rustfrie skiver av topp kvalitet.

Front. Narrow. ABE approved. Dimensions: 11.5" OD, 56.3mm ID, 5/16" counterbored mounting holes. All EBC brake discs fit standard 5-bolt hubs. All front rotors are 5mm thick, rear rotors are 6mm thick. Narrow band brake rotors, featuring a 38mm wide brake surface, are available for those individuals interested in saving weight. Can be used with Organic & Sintered brake pads. Note: Wide & Narrow band EBC rotors are compatible with stock brake pad size.

Fits: > 00-14 Softail (excl. Springers); 00-13 XL, XR; 00-05 Dyna; 00- 07 Touring(NU)